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Design : Frame Building: Construction Management

We know how important your new home is to you. Careful planning in the early stages will result in a smoother, more enjoyable building process and will ensure years of comfort and pleasure down the road. Aurora Timberframe’s design team will work with you, your architect, or builder to produce a design that will get you through the permitting process and, more importantly, reflect your living style.

You can start from scratch with a custom design, or have us modify an existing design. We will walk you through the design process at your own speed. Planning is a stage where you can experiment without financial risk or cost of building. Not sure where the stairs should go? Study the floor plan as long as necessary to understand the circulation pattern. Can’t decide where to place the windows for the most impact? Our designer will help you explore the effects of illumination in your house throughout the seasons.

Timberframe trusses

Want to build your own? Pick up your completed, numbered and labeled frame at the shop along with raising instructions. We will provide consultation or supervision of your crew and work with you to get a professional result.

Our team often works with other designers or architects. However, timber frame plans often start from simple scratches on the back of an envelope. We offer our design expertise to get your concepts on paper. We may suggest use of a design/build company that can act as General Contractor or construction manager for your entire project. Design/builders are very helpful in identifying challenges unique to given sites and are usually well-versed in local code requirements and permitting processes.

Timber Frame Packages

For our standard timber frame designs and our custom designs, we offer the following options:

Option 1 : Design Only
Our standard frame designs or a custom design. Includes drawings, foundation plans, and raising instructions. (Does not include frame.) Available throughout the US, Canada and Export markets. Learn more about our design services.
Option 2 : House or House/Barn Kit
Includes frame, drawings, foundation plans, and raising instructions. Shipped FOB from shop of origin. Available throughout the US, Canada and export markets. Supervisory assistance available for additional fee. View our kits and pre-cut specials.
Option 3 : Timber Frame Package
Design, drawings, and frame with raising included. Recommended foundation plans. Shipped FOB from shop of manufacture. Available to most markets:
  • - 2x6 tongue and groove spruce, pine or Douglas fir for second floor
  • - 1x6 or 1x8 pine boards, #3 or better for either walls and/or ceiling
  • - Stress skin insulated panels for walls and roofs
Option 4 : Weather Tight
Design, frame, second floor, stress skin panels, doors, windows, eave and roof trim, cold roof and roof. Availability limited. Please contact us for details.

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Timber Frame Gallery

View some of the timber frame projects we've built for others.

Timber Frame Kits & Specials

From homes to barns, we have kits that can be built quickly and affordably.

As Maine craftsmen, we are proud to use Maine's renewable resources wisely. Our timbers come from managed, sustainable forests.

-- Kris Farris
Owner, Aurora Timberframes

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