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Timber Frame Design Services

How we work

First - let's chat. We want to understand what you want. Where are you building? When do you want to start?

Our designers will work with you to get started, develop your ideas, and formulate a budget early on. Whenever possible, we would likee prefer to visit your site and offer suggestions about siting your house to optimize your enjoyment of the view, solar gain, and accessibility. We listen carefully to discover how you want to use your space and we will offer various circulation plans for layout.

As your ideas evolve, we will work to reflect your thoughts in preliminary plans and drawings. We can offer assistance and recommendations for including various mechanical systems including solar hot water and photovoltaics, among others. We can provide you with an accurate estimate to join and raise the timber frame and will provide construction details requested by your local design/builder or architect.

The preliminary design package includes:

  • 3-Dimensional orthogonal views
  • Elevations
  • Sectionsals
  • Floor plans
  • Roof plans
  • Door and window schedules
  • Foundation plans and specifications

Once you approve the preliminary design package, we generate framing plans and shop plans for our own use and publish final drawings for you and your builder's use. If local codes require an engineering stamp, we will work with a licensed engineer and pass along the cost.

3-D model, representative of a 24x36 timber frame barn or barn/house design

Design Fees and Options

We ask for a retainer of $1,000 and bill against these funds on an hourly basis. In the preliminary phase we include site visits, office visits, phone consultations, and drafting time. As we develop a better understanding of your wishes, we refine our cost estimate and make a proposal based on your design package. We will credit one half of the retainer to the price of the frame.

Modification of a standard plan - $500 to $1000
10 to 20 hours of designer time during which the designer will make non-structural changes to one of our existing plans. Credited against your timber frame when ordered.
Adaptation of owner-provided plans - $1,000 to $1,500
20 to 30 hours of design time to adapt plans for a conventionally framed building to timber frame. The first $500 is credited against your timber frame when ordered. Hours in excess of 25 are billed at a reduced rate.
Custom plan from scratch (2,000 square feet or less) - $1500 to $2,000
30 to 40 hours of design time. Fifty percent of the charged amount is credited against your timber frame when ordered. Hours in excess of 40 are billed at a reduced rate.
Custom plan from scratch (2,000 to 3,500 square feet) - $2500 to $3,500
45 to 60 hours of design time. Hours in excess of 60 are billed at a reduced rate.

Contact us to get started on your kit or custom design plans now!

Due to the structural strength of a timber frame, load-bearing walls are not needed. The floor plan can be arranged in any configuration.

Timber Frame Gallery

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Timber Frame Kits & Specials

From homes to barns, we have kits that can be built quickly and affordably.

As Maine craftsmen, we are proud to use Maine's renewable resources wisely. Our timbers come from managed, sustainable forests.

-- Kris Farris
Owner, Aurora Timberframes

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