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Timber Frame Building Methods
We offer old-world, colonial building methods to meet your goals of aesthetic beauty, quality joinery, and affordability.

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Our craftsmen select the finest quality timbers—cedar, Douglas fir, Eastern White pine, or oak, among others—and determine the best use of each piece. Our framers lay out and cut joints by hand, trim all adjoining surfaces with planes and chisels to produce a frame that approaches the quality of fine handcrafted furniture.

Depending on the size of the frame and the wood species, your frame will take from three to six weeks to cut. We will expend well over 1,000 man-hours to complete it.

Timbers may be planed, sanded, and oiled with a clear citrus-based product, giving the wood a finished appearance. Or, you may prefer hand-hewn, recycled or reclaimed timbers - wood that came from old-growth forests and was possibly part of an airplane hangar, warehouse, or inner-city building for the last 100 years. The patina of the aged wood will make your living space unique and the hand joinery will make it spectacular. Imagine your home with traditional trusses, hammer beams, kingposts, queenposts, and scarf joints - all fastened with wooden pegs. And know that the building may easily last for 100 years or more.

Our homes are custom designs manufactured from the highest appearance grade timbers we can find. Frames can be made from your choice of wood species – reclaimed, recycled and even hand hewn.

Are you interested in high cathedral ceilings and timber-framed great rooms or ballrooms? We can merge your incredible views with incredible living areas.

We also have developed some hybrid models which combine the post and beam building with either stress skin panels (SIPs) or with conventional stick-built framing techniques. The result is a timber frame look and feel with the savings of some conventional framing.

One combination might be timber framed trusses set on a stick-built wall or on custom-fabricated metal posts. The effect will be an integrated rafter/truss system that you will enjoy for years to come. We can design for your builder, or deliver pre-built walls with all the necessary frame parts.

Special location needs?

We build on islands and at remote locations. Check with us to see if we can build at your location.

What is in one of our timberframe kits?

Our timber frames are fabricated and delivered for the do-it-yourselfer, owner/builder or builder. Kits are available in two different forms.

(1) CUT YOUR OWN - Includes plans, unsanded timbers (surfaced on four sides) cut-to-plan lengths with layout marks, braces with layout marks, detailed joinery details, pegs, and cutting and raising instructions.

(2) ASSEMBLE YOUR OWN - Includes plans, unsanded timbers (surfaced on four sides) cut-to-plan lengths with joinery completed, braces, and pegs. Requires hand chisel work to clean up joints, drilling of some peg holes, and raising.

Contact us to get started on your kit or custom design plans now!

Want to build your own?

Pick up your completed, numbered, and labeled frame at the shop along with raising instructions. We can also provide consultation or supervision of your crew.

Timber Frame Kits & Specials

From homes to barns, we have kits that can be built quickly and affordably.

Timber Frame Gallery

View some of the timber frame projects we've built for others.

As Maine craftsmen, we are proud to use Maine's renewable resources wisely. Our timbers come from managed, sustainable forests.

-- Kris Farris
Owner, Aurora Timberframes

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