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Owner Kris Farris

How it all began...

In 1995, my wife and I searched for a house design that fit our lifestyle. We happened upon a house designed by Dennis Wedlick. The plans suggested wonderful spaces, connected to the outdoors, an abundance of natural light, and many architectural details making it unique yet, affordable.

The second story is cocooned with insulation, windows are ganged built-in cabinets, and rooms are defined by posts rather than walls. We had been interested in post and beam homes for a long time and modified Wedlick’s design only enough to incorporate timber frame construction and insulated panels. We are still thrilled with the results.

Since then it has been my goal to build other high-quality timber frame homes and barns for those who want to enjoy the building experience and appreciate the integrity and quality of their home long after the noise of the hammers fades.

Our Alaska crew and 89-year old patriarch

From Maine to Alaska... and back

As General Manager of a timber framing company for a number of years, I refined my understanding of the building processes and the steps necessary to arrive at customer-oriented designs. I found experienced timber framers who are dedicated to the craft. As a result, we joined, delivered, and raised more than two dozen homes and barns throughout New England in less than two years.

Aurora Timberframes was also building its own head of steam. A small frame here and there and we assisted in the design of working owners in Alaska who did the majority of the work themselves - a large barn frame with over 3,000 square feet of floor space. The raising crew included the recruitment of some local carpenters who had never built a timber frame.

What do I look for in a timber framer?

There is something about the timber framing craft that "calls" to people. Without a certain drive to make something of quality that will outlast them, our crew members wouldn't endure the many hours of back-wrenching work that goes into each timber. Standing on the concrete floors, leaning over timbers, and maintaining razor thin tolerances hour after hour takes a special person. There aren't many out there, but at Aurora Timberframes, I am pleased to work with some of the best.

We truly enjoy what we do! The true payoff for us is when we finish the raising and the customer sees the frame assembled for the first time. Without exception there is amazement about the structure, then an appreciation of the scope of the work, then a palpable appreciation of the crew.

A timber frame raising is always a celebration

A few years ago I worked with a crew in January on the coast of Maine. The wind blew hard and drove the rain and sleet sideways. Every morning the floor was covered with ice which had to be chipped away. Mortises filled with water overnight and froze. The structure was large and the raising dragged on due to the bad weather. On the last evening, the owners hosted a lobster feed for the crew. At about 9:00 PM, we all went outside to view the completed frame by the light of the moon. In spite of the bitter cold, the owners and framers stood for an hour admiring the accomplishment. That is the kind of experience we want to achieve when building a timber frame building.

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As Maine craftsmen, we are proud to use Maine's renewable resources wisely. Our timbers come from managed, sustainable forests.

-- Kris Farris
Owner, Aurora Timberframes

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